Tutoring and Courses

AdvancedGMAT.com offers both one-on-one tutoring and live online group classes.   We also specialize in creating custom courses for corporate clients and schools who want to offer their own in-house GMAT prep courses.


Chris Kane is one of the most experienced tutors in the industry and takes great pride in his approach to one-on-one preparation.  Effective tutoring requires not only in-depth knowledge of the material, but also intimate familiarity with all the official materials and questions.  Master tutors are like doctors:  they can quickly diagnose why students are missing questions and immediately prescribe a program to improve before the next session.

Too often, though. test prep tutoring works like this:

Tutor: “So what would you like to work on today?”   Student: “Well I guess we can go through these random missed questions.”

NO! Tutoring should be a proactive process in which the tutor guides the student to quickly find areas of weakness and then creates problem sets and lessons to fix those areas. However, this involves more work on the part of the tutor than most are willing to devote to a session, particularly when they are underpaid and doing it part-time for the big test prep companies.   At AdvancedGMAT.com you get tutoring in which the sessions create the most improvement possible and empower you to maximize your self-study time.


Without question, the most cost effective and engaging way to prepare for the GMAT is with a live online course.  The five-week program allows you to gain all the major skills and strategies required to succeed on the test after which you can supplement with tutoring as needed.   Many people are concerned that an online course will be dry and boring and that lower achieving students will slow down the class, but the opposite is true with AdvancedGMAT.com courses.  We guarantee:

  • An engaging and fast-paced course in which you will never be bored and in which you will participate more than in any in-person class you have attended.
  • A fun environment in which you will laugh and enjoy the lessons, but never have your time wasted.
  • An extremely high standard that will inspire you to come to class and do the necessary work to score highly.
  • An experience in which you will learn not only from the instructor but from the incredibly smart students around you.

The program offers the following:

  • 35 hours of live instruction with Chris Kane over 5 weeks with two 2.5-hour lessons and one 2-hour homework review session each week. The course begins with a special 2-hour introductory lesson.
  • Short “Refresh” modules to complete before most of the individual lessons.
  • Curated problem sets from the official resources to complete each week as well as a detailed study plan for the period after the course.

Syllabus for Five-Week Course


  • 1 Introduction to the GMAT
  • 2 Arithmetic
  • 3 Critical Reasoning I
  • 4 Homework Review Session
  • 5 Algebra
  • 6 Reading Comprehension
  • 7 Homework Review Session
  • 8 Word Problems
  • 9 Sentence Correction I
  • 10 Homework Review Session
  • 11 Geometry and Statistics
  • 12 Sentence Correction II
  • 13 Homework Review Session
  • 14 Data Sufficiency
  • 15 Critical Reasoning II

GMAT Test Date > 3 to 5 weeks after completion.

Prices for Courses + Tutoring Packages

  • Five-week Course

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

  • Five-week Course + 6hrs Private Tutoring

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

  • Five-week Course + 12hrs Private Tutoring

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

  • 10-hour Tutoring Package

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

  • 16-hour Tutoring Package

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

  • 22-hour Tutoring Package

    Contact Chris for pricing & availability.

Discounts on tutoring are available for those able to meet on weekdays before 4pm. Please contact Chris for more information.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the 5-week course after the first week, or with tutoring after the first session, we will refund your full payment amount, no questions asked.   We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with your experience and want you to sign up worry-free.

Course Schedule

For weekend courses, the main lessons are on Saturday and Sunday and the homework review sessions are on Thursday evening, as is the first intro lesson.   For weeknight courses, the main lessons are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and the homework review sessions are on Sunday evening, as is the first intro lesson.  The main lessons are 2.5 hours and the homework review sessions and intro lesson are 2hrs.  All lessons and homework review sessions are recorded and available immediately after the live classes. All times given are Eastern.

Tutoring Schedule

Availability varies and schedules are customized per student, please call or email before purchase.

Custom Courses for Corporate and Institutional Clients

We have a wealth of experience creating customized courses for different corporate and institutional clients.   From Barclay’s Bank in NYC to BI Business School in Norway, Chris has worked with numerous clients to design custom courses that meet the needs of a particular company or entity.   We can do these courses on-site if done in an immersion format or via the AdvancedGMAT.com online classroom.   Contact Chris for more information.