Advanced GMAT® Prep for High Achievers

The most efficient GMAT prep program ever created for students who want to score 700+

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The Antidote to Big Test Prep

Escape the mediocrity inherent in the big test prep companies with a personalized program designed for students who want to achieve the highest scores.  Stanford grad Chris Kane founded in 2019 after 15 years as the leading instructor and curriculum developer at Veritas Prep.  As an insider with over 10,000 hours of GMAT teaching experience and a 99th percentile GMAT score, Chris has seen everything good and bad in the test prep world.   After Veritas Prep was bought by Varsity Tutors in 2018, Chris was inspired to launch his own boutique GMAT prep company to create the best program for the highest achievers.

What Students Have to Say

"I am a military veteran on my way to Harvard Business School - Chris is the reason. After more than six months of self-study using numerous books I purchased online, I finally signed up for Chris's online GMAT course. Initially, I was skeptical because I didn't think online instruction would be interactive or personal enough to help me learn. After just one hour in Chris's introductory class, my skepticism turned to complete confidence that I was in the right place. On my own, I could not break 590 on GMAT practice tests. After Chris's course, I was consistently scoring 720+ the week leading up to the actual exam."

“I was fortunate to work with Chris via both an online class with other students and one-on-one tutoring. He is an outstanding teacher who understands the nuances of the GMAT and effectively explains seemingly complicated content with ease. Chris had an astute ability to identify my weak areas and prescribed prep material that allowed me to home in on and mitigate these deficiencies. He delivers superb test preparation. Under his instruction, I went from barely knowing what the GMAT was to breaking 700 on my first attempt.”

"Chris is a phenomenal instructor. His classes are carefully structured to create the best learning environment for his students.  His teaching style is very interactive and engaging, and he goes above and beyond to help his students achieve their goals. He helped me improve my GMAT score dramatically!"

“I worked with Chris for 12 weeks in the summer of 2019 on GMAT prep. From my first practice test to taking the actual GMAT exam, my score improved by 80 points. Chris has found a way to combine curriculum, engagement, and encouragement to drive positive outcomes for his clients. After scoring a 770 on the GMAT, I am proud to say that I have been accepted at Booth with a partial scholarship and will be enrolling there in the Fall of 2020.  I strongly support and recommend Chris to anyone I come in contact with who is considering taking the GMAT or going to business school.”

Why Choose

Why Choose

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The most efficient GMAT prep program available.

You get an innovative curriculum designed by one of the most experienced test prep curriculum developers in the world that uses curated official resources for homework and practice problems. Learn proprietary strategies culled from 15 years of deconstructing the GMAT and then apply them on official problems. Stop wasting time on mediocre questions made by big test prep companies.

No rookie instructors and no worries about "who will I get as a tutor or teacher?"

You get one of the most experienced and highly reviewed instructors in the industry for every tutoring session and every course. Chris brings a commitment to excellence and a high-energy style to every class and tutoring session.

No teaching to the median.

This course is designed for high scorers, so it will not be bogged down by unprepared students nor will it focus on basic content that you can refresh on your own.  The curriculum is designed  for highly motivated students ready to score highly. 

The most engaging and interactive online classroom.

Chris was one of the first instructors in the industry to teach the GMAT with a fully live online classroom and he has mastered the format.  With the Adobe Connect platform, we have created an extremely interactive format for both courses and tutoring.

What Makes the Curriculum Better?

What Makes the Curriculum Better?

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It focuses on critical thinking, strategy, and problem solving rather than on rote content learning.

The difficulty in GMAT questions comes primarily from the way the questions are constructed and how you must apply rote knowledge, not from the complexity of the knowledge itself.  When there is important value to be added from content learning, then the curriculum digs deeply into those subjects.

It does not waste your classroom and tutoring time on easy and moderate content that you can refresh on your own.

There is no value added in having an instructor remind you of basic math and grammar rules that you may be rusty on but can easily review at home. We provide all the resources necessary to address any particular content weaknesses you might have but do not waste valuable classroom or tutoring time on them.

It uses curated official problems for homework and practice tests.

Using a carefully crafted database of all the official resources, we provide high value official problems to master particular content areas and question types after you first learn strategies and content with our proprietary curriculum. Big test prep companies are notorious for creating questionable strategies that work on the problems THEY create, but then break down on the problems you encounter on the actual test.  All of the strategies and content in our curriculum are designed from deconstructing real questions.

It is truly designed for 700+ scorers.

The problem with most curricula for the GMAT is that they are far too easy.  In the GMAT, you are competing against incredibly smart college graduates from around the world and the standard is way higher than people understand.   If you want to prove that you are in the 90th percentile (700+) of an already select group, you must be able to differentiate yourself on extremely challenging questions.

Who is the Right Fit for the Program?

In working with over 5000 students in his career, Chris has seen every type of student imaginable.  One of the main goals of is to create a culture of excellence and respect where everyone benefits from the shared experience of bringing together smart, motivated people.  By spelling out these expectations clearly, we attract only the very best and brightest to our company and our courses.  If you are not wholeheartedly committed to the high standard demanded by the GMAT, we respectfully ask that you choose another test prep company. wants students who pledge to:

Put in the required work demanded by the program and always show up to lessons and tutoring sessions prepared and ready to learn.

Contribute to the experience of everyone in the classroom and be respectful of people’s time and money.

Set realistic goals given their abilities and do their very best to achieve them.